Alexandra Township Community Experience

Alexandra Township, locally knows as Gomorrah, was established in 1912. In approximately 7km2 there are a few places on planet earth that can lay claim to such a mixture on African nationalities within such a small area. Unequivocally proving the Gini Coefficient, the disparities are real, the mechanisms for survival is worthy of any high drama action movie.

Alex is a chaotic bustling township, walking distance from one of the most affluent area in Africa, Sandton. Come Join us on a unique experience, and immersive journey that takes you through mixture of activities that have been tailor-designed by Alexandra’s stalwarts of community development.

Since democracy it’s been a bit democrazy for Alex, a combination of inspiring and equally tragic stories of the socio-economic development of Alex. Like all geopolitical regions set up artificially by man, it was destined to have anarchy, extreme living, and all-in-all tenacious locals who strive on, proving to the outside world that, life goes on, one day at a time.

We also work with youth and social development practitioners and together with our community liaisons have developed a tour that will tantalise both your left brain and right brain.

We tailor design the package based on your group’s requirements. We benchmark 30 min per site, per activity. Our customer care agents will provide simple and effective survey type questions to determine the best experience for your group.


  • Drive by: Alex Mall
  • Drive by: Police station
  • Site one: Alex heritage center
  • Site two: Old Aged Home
  • Site Three: Sports Grounds
  • Site Four: Rasta Garden
  • Site Five: Garden
  • Site Six: Creche

Duration & Tour Start

  • 2 hour – 9 Am
  • 4 hour – 11.30 am
  • 6 hour – 2 pm

Buck Stops Here

  • Per person (adult)
  • Minimum 4ppl and Maximum 12ppl

2 hour: R1250

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4 hour: R1600

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6 hour: R2100

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