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Inanda “Discover our valley” Tour

Inanda “Discover our valley” Tour Hobbies include: Beadmaking, canoeing, hiking, singing. Add an exciting new dimension to your stay in Durban or Umhlanga. [...]

Inanda “Discover our valley” Tour2019-10-28T16:22:32+02:00

Reiger Park, Johannesburg – (Day Tour)

Hobbies include:  Gardening activity, Culture and Heritage, Storytelling with elders, indigenous activities... A stone throw from the Johannesburg international airport, this tour is [...]

Reiger Park, Johannesburg – (Day Tour)2019-10-22T13:39:37+02:00

Cape Winelands Tour (Day Tour)

Hobbies includes: Wine  Food, Photography, Culture & Heritage... Enjoy a relaxed tour through the Cape Winelands offering you a perfectly tuned day with [...]

Cape Winelands Tour (Day Tour)2019-10-22T14:58:34+02:00

How it works

Step1 : Download App (Android only) Step2 : Navigate to the Tour Page, and activate October 2019 GT1 Step 3: Answer Trivia Unlock Rewards [...]

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Druids Garden, Johannesburg – (Day Tour)

Hobbies include:  Breath work, Meditation, Plant medicine, Art Therapy, Life coaching activity, Movement Meditation, Drumming, Cacao Ceremony, Crystal Healing, Bushman Fire making,  Story telling, Jungian workshops, Shadow work & Archetype workshops, Active imagination workshops, EFT [...]

Druids Garden, Johannesburg – (Day Tour)2019-10-22T15:27:52+02:00

Alexandra Township, Johannesburg – (Day Tour)

Hobbies include: BasketBall, Bicycles, Greening Route Treasure Hunt, Poetry, Yoga, Recycle Craft Production, Art Activities, Candid Camera skits. Alexandra Township, locally knows as [...]

Alexandra Township, Johannesburg – (Day Tour)2019-10-22T13:13:49+02:00
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