Druids Garden:

Hobbies include:  Breath work, Meditation, Plant medicine, Art Therapy, Life coaching activity, Movement Meditation, Drumming, Cacao Ceremony, Crystal Healing, Bushman Fire making,  Story telling, Jungian workshops, Shadow work & Archetype workshops, Active imagination workshops, EFT tapping

Nestled in the heart of Hennops next to the river a pristine setting in nature to help the mind reset, the body to rejuvenate and the soul to seek.

We offer unique packages of holistic nature to bring balance and harmony to our increasingly interdependent society or otherwise known as the collective consciousness

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Half Day (min 5 pax)
Arrive 9:30 Lite Snack + Drink
10:00 Breath work & Meditation
11:00 Art Therapy/ Team-building/ Life coaching activity
13:00-15:00 Cacao Ceremony

Duration & Tour Start

  • 5 hours – 09:00 Am  & 1:00 Pm

Buck Stops Here

  • Minimum 4ppl and Maximum 12ppl


  • Per Adult: R1612.50 (S)
  • Per Adult: R1237.50 (PPs)
  • Per Adult: R1175.00 (SCH)


  • Per Adult: R1887.50 (S)
  • Per Adult: R1512.50 (PPs)
  • Per Adult: R1387.50 (SCH)

Electric Bike

  • Per Adult: R2137.50 (S)
  • Per Adult: R1762.50 (PPs)
  • Per Adult: R1637.50 (SCH)
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