Isandlwana Village Tour

Hobbies include: Crafts, Bike Ride, Embroidery.

Add an exciting new dimension to your stay within the multi-cultural province of KwaZulu-Natal. Head 170 km west of King Shaka
International Airport into KwaZulu-Natal’s historically rich hinterland, home to some of the most significant battles to be fought in South
Africa. Meet friendly locals, experience Zulu culture and know that the income from your visit changes lives for the better.


The WOWZULU Marketplace, inside the museum where battlefield bookings are made, is your friendly home in Isandlwana. Buy locally made craft or enjoy coffee, a cold drink and snack on the veranda with views across the village to Isandlwana mountain, while listening to stories of the area. The Marketplace is the start of four experiences:


Let a local guide take you on a walk through the picturesque Isandlwana Village. Visit a modern home as well as a traditional homestead to learn how Zulu families used to live; a sangoma or traditional healer; a historical church; a local school and a safe haven for children.

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Duration: 1.5 hours

Cross Cultural Impact: Vibrant cultural heritage

Physical Endurance: Village walk

Tour Starts: On request

Inclusions: Coffee, water and a community contribution.

Cost: Without transfer, R300 per person (min 4 persons)

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Hobbies include: Bike ride, beadmaking

Our 6 km bike ride starts with storytelling and coffee at the Marketplace, then to a neighbouring village past a cattle dip and striking conical hill. Stop over at the picturesque homestead of master crafter Mpume Mazibuko. Enjoy a light traditional meal and tea while you sit under a tree and can learn to make a beaded object. The return drive can take an optional loop through the Battlefield.

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Duration: 2.5 hours

Cross Cultural Impact: Vibrant cultural heritage

Tour Starts: On Request

Distance: About 6kms, easy

Cost: R400 per person (min 4 ppl)

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Hobbies include: Embroidery

From Isandlwana, spend a half-day visiting Bertinah Khumalo’s thriving Wire Nest Cooperative in Nondweni, 39 km away. Their colourful embroidery on recycled maize bags has won several design awards and is exported across the world. Enjoy a snack and drink, watch the embroiderers at work and let Ma Khumalo teach you to make your own small embroidery. Hear stories about village life while you enjoy a snack and drink.

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Duration: About 4 hours

Cross Cultural Impact: Vibrant cultural heritage

Distance: About 80km return drive

Tour Starts: On request

Inclusions: Coffee and water at Marketplace, guide, tea or cold drink and snack (traditional steamed bread or other) at Nondweni.
Tea/drink and snack at crafter’s home. Also community contribution.

Costs: R375 per person without transfer (min 4 ppl)

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Hobbies include: Hiking.

The scenic 8 km ‘fugitives’ trail’ leads through the Battlefield aross hills and valleys down to ‘Fugitives’ Drift’ on the Umzinyathi (Buffalo) River. The hike takes visitors past white stone cairns marking graves and through a nature reserve with impala, zebra and other game.

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Duration: 4.5 Hours

Cross Cultural Impact: Vibrant cultural heritage

Physical Endurance: 8km Hike

Tour Starts: On Request

Inclusions: Drink and snack, guide, community contribution.

Cost: R550 per person

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