Kwanzimake Village Day Community Experience

WOWZULU has a wide range of experiences available to you that stretch from the Wild Coast in the South to Kwanzimakwe and Nyandezulu in the North
to invite visitors to step off the beaten track into our inland communities. Join WOWZULU for experiences of a lifetime on the Lower South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

The South Coast is a prime tourism destination for South Africans, with its popular beaches and striking natural features and phenomena such as the Oribi and Umtamvuna River Gorges, the Sardine Run and the Aliwal Shoal diving spots as major attractions. It is positioning itself as a major adventure sport destination and is increasingly popular for international travellers. It is a sub-tropical paradise with golden beaches, pretty resorts and lovingly protected conservancies strung along the coast. High green hills rise above the sea, slashed by deep river gorges and dotted with the homesteads of tribal Zulu communities.

Our community experience…

WOWZULU Market Place in KwaNzimakwe, The South Coast Marketplace is in KwaNzimakwe, a village on a hill overlooking the valleys and hills that lead to Trafalgar.

Here, Nelly and Zonke will welcome you to their village, serving fresh coffee and delicious local food before taking you on a tour of their community, providing a taste of our culture. At the Marketplace you can watch crafters at work, beading, screen printing and creating beautiful products that are for sale.
There are also a number of small outlets along the coast that you can by these crafts. Four of the tourism information centres operated by South Coast Tourism stock locally produced craft and information about the WOWZULU routes. In addition you can purchases selected WOWZULU Fair Trade crafts from across the province at the Waffle House in Ramsgate.


From the Marketplace, set off on a guided walk through the village and across the mountain, to experience village life and enjoy endless views. First visit the homestead of local community elders Mr and Mrs Dlezi. Hear the stories of how the community came to live on this fertile mountain, about the role of cattle in traditional culture and about the customs of the Shembe Church.

From the Dlezi homestead, walk along a footpath past playful village children, chickens and cows to the home of Mrs Ndovela, the community’s Sangoma or traditional healer. Hear the story of how she was called to become a Sangoma and of the long road to becoming qualified.

From here, follow a path that hugs the side of the mountain, past the traditional Shembe Church at the top of the mountain and across grasslands to a view site that looks out across the rolling hills and valleys to a coastline that seems to stretch forever. Hear more stories while you enjoy a traditional meal of chicken, Zulu steamed bread and spicy beans or spinach, and drinks that have been wheeled across the hillside on a wheelbarrow.

Zulu communities in the area have a colourful history going back to the time of King Shaka and the wars he waged against neighbouring tribes. The area has a vibrant cultural heritage, with strong Xhosa/Pondo influences because of its proximity to the Eastern Cape. We invite you to get a taste for our culture with an immersion in our vibrant communities along this exquisite coastline.


  • Leave Durban at 6:30am
  • Arrive at Kwanzimakwe 2hrs after departure
  • Complete 4hr day tour
  • Leave back for Durban

Duration & Tour Start

  • Day tour – 9.00 am

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  • Day tour cost R2226 per person
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Cross Cultural Impact

  • Vibrant cultural heritage

Fitness Or Physical Requirements

  • 4hr Village walk


  • Durban 6.30am
  • Kwanzimakwe 2.00pm