London, Portobello Market

In this experience you get to answer some virtual trivial pursuit type questions about interesting cultural and natural locations for the London and Portobello market region. We are currently engaging with our local UK partner to design a unique tour in this region for people interested to buy 3dcards. Play our app, unlock the digital treasures and stand a chance to receive discounts on 3dpopupcards when you arrive at the store in Portobello market.

Our virtual tour is focused on a blend of UK culture intertwined with a unique local entrepreneur’s journey, someone who has dedicated a lifetime to travel and adventure. This journey has culminated in him selling 3dpop up cards at Portobello market. Listen to his stories on how the cards are made, a true testament to ‘living the brand’ and making sure that there is no child labour or misappropriation from source to client.

We are embarking on partnership to teach these skills in South Africa where we can empower youth with the tools and material to design their own 3dcards. Our virtual tags teaches you more about this unique artistic skill and also about the sites around Portobello market.


  • More details coming soon…