Meadowlands, Soweto (emerging route)

In this emerging Soweto tourism corridor, Meadowlands provides a unique captivating recollection of the forced removals during apartheid. Surrounded by nothing but pure urban township, you in the heart of the biggest township in South Africa (Population = 1,271,628 – wiki). This stat comes with a one sobering reality, there is a high percentage of youth unemployment. On the positive side, this has resulted in a few successful community run organisations that are instrumental in youth development.

Our packages are a designed around edutainment experiences that has everything for the discerning traveller; fashion, flair, jazz. Here we proudly present to you a generation born of multiracialism & diversity.

Considering the number of young adults without a realistic possibility of securing a full time job ever in the lives, we engage you to consider that tourism is catalyst for community growth. Eloquently coined by our local partners – ‘so what, so we tour (Soweto)’ our activities are immersive and thought provoking.

We will be doing some short drive-bys; spending a short time at some of the more recognized attractions such as Vilakazi street and Nelson Mandela’s house. Our tour then goes deep into the heart of Meadowlands were we have developed a unique tour cantered on youth development and community fun and educational activities.

“Armed with bulldozers they came to do a job nothing more, just hired killers. We gave way there was nothing we could do although the bitterness stung in us and in the earth around us”. And so the bitterness of hired killers healed like a building made out cow dung, laid protected by green leafy palm trees, next to a sandy beach on a hammock between two trees. This is no beach paradise, this is however a community thriving on grass-roots development. Come join us in a unique tourism experience.


  • Drive by: Maponya Mall
  • Drive by: Vilakazi Street – Shova (Drive By)
  • Drive by: Nelson Mandela’s house
  • Drive by: Soweto Towers
  • Drive by: Paul Ndlovu House (Very Popular Contemporary Tsonga Music Pioneer)
  • Site one: Soweto Meadowlands Information Centre
  • Site two: Former president Kgalema Motlanthe House
  • Site three: Crèche
  • Site four: Chiefs House
  • Site five: Arthur Mayisela House (Top South African Boxer)
  • Site six: African Co-operative Centre
  • Lunch: Disoufeng Pub & Restaurant Lifestyle Centre

Duration & Tour Start

  • 2 hour – 9 Am
  • 4 hour – 11.30 am
  • 6 hour – 2 pm

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  • Per person (adult)

2 hour: R1250

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4 hour: R1600

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6 hour: R2100

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